Con Tip #1 Take Advantage of Venue Maps

The Allcal Team is kicking off the new year with a series of convention tips that can help any event of any size. Up first – why you need to take advantage of venue maps throughout your website and mobile app.

Why You Need A Venue Map

Don’t assume your attendees know where to go. You might have held the same event in the same venue for over 5 years but you get new attendees every year.

Don’t frustrate them.

In fact, you’ll probably need more than just one venue map to keep attendees organized. Make sure you have easy access to all maps that guide your attendees throughout the venue.

Make Sure You Have These Venue Maps –

  • Hotels and conventions should provide you with their recent floorplans of conference space and meeting rooms so you can make updated maps each year.
  • Have “You Are Here” maps printed and posted in high trafficked locations so people can get their bearings.
  • Post your maps online before the convention so people can plan ahead.
  • Include the main map in the program guide. Have print outs of this map at every Help Desk.
  • Make all the maps available on your event app to access from anywhere. With Allcal, you can add a panel room map to every event listing to make panels easier to find.

We all want attendees to have the best time possible. We’ll be back soon to talk about using schedule filters to find programming faster.